What is Fibonacci

We build a terminal and cryptorobot for cryptocurrency trading on various crypto exchanges.

With the expansion of functionality in manual trading mode and automatic trading in robot trading mode with the functions of setting up a robot with huge opportunities.

We want to make cryptocurrency trading easier and more understandable, minimize risks and increase profitability for everyone! Even for beginners in the field of cryptocurrency.

Power of Fibonacci

Fibonacci Benefits

A cryptocurrency terminal for manual trading and a crypto robot for automatic trading.

Trade on all popular crypto exchanges using integrations and APIs.

High-speed data processing and placing orders using the websocket.

Global Community

The Cryptocurrency Community

In our opinion, at the moment, the crypto community is not sufficiently developed and we want to attract more people to this area and prove that everything is not so difficult.

We want to create a friendly user interface so that even a beginner can understand everything. And also make trading fully automatic for those people who do not have time.

Ensure A Safe

API and WebSocket

We want to provide maximum security, we will not store your data. All data will be kept private on the trading exchanges.

We will use api keys to communicate and synchronize with trading exchanges. And your keys will be securely protected.

High-speed data processing with the latest technologies and a websocket, will save your money and minimize slippage.


Introducing the Fibonacci Terminal and Cryptobot

One platform for trading on the spot and margin market.

  • One platform all crypto exchanges for trading.
  • Spot and margin trading with maximum leverage.
  • Automated trading using a cryptorobot.

Token Sale

The coming soon. To keep up to date and not miss the Pre-sale, subscribe to our social networks.

Token Name Fibonacci
Token Symbol FIBO
Token Sale Start TBD
Token Sale End TBD
Tokens for sale 200,000,000
Specifications FIBO token
Max circulating supply 1,000,000,000
Sale duration TBD
Sale duration TBD

Token Allocation

The total token supply is 1B which will gradually distributed.

8% Presale
12% Public Sale
20% Company
5% Advisors
20% Marketing
35% Reserve Fund
Download Documents

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.


Road Map

Work plan for the coming years.

2021 May Concept
  • Core team assembled, R&D center established.
  • Initial White paper completed and circulated to potential angel investors.
2021 June Pre-Sale ICO
  • White Paper released to the public, Website goes live, and Fibonacci Token Creation.
  • Pre ICO sale starts for early investors.
2021 July Marketing
  • Earniom ICO marketing campaign announced
2021 August Public Sale
  • Fibonacci Token listed on the exchanges
2021 September Development team
  • Creating and approving a development team.
2021 Q4 Alpha version
  • Ready-made Alpha version of the terminal and cryptorobot.
2022 Q1 Alpha Test
  • In-house testing of functional
  • Testing the prototype on crypto exchanges.
2022 Q2 Beta version
  • Ready-made Beta version of the terminal and cryptorobot.
2022 Q3 Beta Test
  • Beta published and linked to popular crypto exchanges with real-time scanning.
2022 Q4 Going public
  • Exit beta and launch to public access.
2022 Q4 Marketing v2
  • Maximum attraction of new users, publications in the media and bloggers

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